Carpet Cleaning Basics

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Carpet cleaning is perhaps the most overlooked chore in the house. Carpet cleaning involves more than simply vacuuming the carpet and getting rid all dirt and debris from the fibers. Carpet cleaning involves choosing the right shampoo type and deciding whether to hire a professional or wash your carpet yourself.

When you are best carpet cleaning, the first thing you should consider is the type and brand of carpet shampoo. There are both liquid and dry shampoos available for carpet cleaning. You can also choose which type of shampoo to use depending on your needs. Carpets with thicker fibers need to be cleaned using dry shampoos. However, carpets with old and lumpy fibers need liquid shampoos. They can absorb dirt and make the carpet smell fresh.

It could be worth hiring a professional to clean your rug, especially if it is wall to wall carpeting. This can take many hours to clean. Professional carpet cleaning is expensive, but it’s not impossible to do the job in a day. They can also pick the right shampoo to suit your carpet type. You can choose a scent that suits your tastes or a carpet cleaning product that is hypoallergenic. Professional cleaners have many options for cleaning your carpet. They often use eco-friendly products that are not only safe for the environment but also safe to your family.

If you prefer to do your carpet cleaning yourself and save money, then these are the tips you should follow:

1. You can save your time and effort by planning ahead. You can prepare all your carpet cleaning materials in one bucket. For carpet cleaning, you will need a protective dress, apron and face mask.

2. Before you use carpet cleaning products, read their labels. Follow the instructions on packaging and don’t mix two products.

3. Get rid of all furniture and any other objects that might be on the carpet surface. Your family should be told to keep away from the area while you clean it.

4. First vacuum the carpet to remove all debris and dirt that may be stuck on the fibers.

5. You should start cleaning from the farthest point from the door. You can prepare your vacuum cleaner as soon as you finish cleaning a section of the room. Then vacuum the entire room and let it dry.

6. Carpet stains are quite common so make sure to spend some time cleaning them. For grime, you may need to use another product. However, vinegar or baking soda paste can be a great option. Mix equal parts vinegar with water in a spray bottle. Use this solution to soak away the stain.

7. After cleaning, let the carpet dry completely before moving the furniture.

Carpet cleaning is quick and easy when you make all the necessary preparations ahead of time. If you prefer to have carpet cleaning done by professionals, you can search the Yellow Pages for a quality service provider in your area.
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