Do you have musty odors around your house? Remove them using a dehumidifier or air purifier.

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It’s hard to eliminate the musty odor in many basements or older homes. Even after using air purifiers and sprays to remove the odor, it still remains. But the problem is really that tiny bit of moisture that accumulates in crawl spaces and basements. The extra moisture can feed mold spores. The organisms that cause the’musty” smell release different chemicals and gases when they breakdown organic materials. It is true that air purifiers help remove this smell. However, a more effective and efficient way to do so would be to remove excess moisture using a portable dehumidifier. See air purifier vs dehumidifier to get more info.

The primary cause of musty and mildew-like odors is mold, algae (and bacteria). When you start smelling musty or mildewed odors it is likely due to a leak in the house, basement, or room.

For proof, you can simply use a hygrometer and humidity meter. Some of the most popular home dehumidifiers include an integrated hygrometer. Walmart offers a cheap outdoor thermometer that has a humidity meter built in. This is the least expensive way to determine your relative humidity. Although digital hygrometers work better and are easier to use, they can also be accurate.

Some old homes are prone to small leaks and spaces, either in the brickwork or the area around the base. The result is that the home can become damp. In these cases, the homeowner may be required to operate a dehumidifier frequently. You might only need to use your dehumidifier occasionally. However, keeping humidity levels between 35-40% in the home should reduce or even eliminate these musty moldy smells. Any remaining odors or mold spores can be removed quickly by an air purifier that has HEPA and Carbon filters. Now, you can get a portable dehumidifier for as little as $250.

A portable dehumidifier combined with a high-quality room air cleaner is an excellent way to combat mold growth and mildew. This will eliminate both the mold and moisture. Then, check the area around windows, roofs, and walls for leaks. Fix any that are found. For those who suffer from respiratory and chronic allergy problems, the symptoms will improve if you eliminate excess moisture.

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