What is the Proper Pronunciation of English?

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Do you know how to correctly pronounce words like through, through, Guest Posting or dough? Can you pronounce the words worse, horse holes, red naive, reading, and naive correctly? I’m sure you haven’t. I bet you haven’t.

Even if you don’t know the exact pronunciation, it is likely that you understand the meaning, lets start with our A2 English Test!

English and Pronunciation

In other words, it’s the way that a person pronounces the word. The sound or production of a certain word is what it means to pronounce. It is true that a language has many possible ways of articulating or speaking a particular word. A fact. It depends on a number of factors how English is spoken. In particular, the region where a person grew-up is an important factor. Asians are different from British in the way they speak English. Africans and French speakers of English sound unique. Australians, for example. Yes, you’ve probably heard Italians as well as Russians use English. English accents are different among the British, Americans as well as pioneering Americans.

Around 500,000,000 people speak or understand English. The ability to speak English is something that they all have. However, what is the right way to say an English phrase or talk English? When will we be able to tell whether the pronunciation of words is right and appropriate? When a simple word is uttered many different ways, what happens when we add several words or phrases?

Pronunciation is extremely important. When you are able to communicate in English, it’s a plus. The best is to be able converse in English. Know what’s best? If you know how to speak English well, that is the best.

Facts, secrets and other information

Then, what is the proper pronunciation? What you need to be aware of are these facts and secrets.

1. English isn’t “phonetic”. As a result, we may not say the word exactly as it is spelled.

2. English is seen as a syllabic, whereas other languages tend to be stressed.

3. English pronunciation emphasizes certain words. It glides quickly over non-stressed and other words. This golden rule is the key to understanding and speaking English. There is only one emphasis per word; always the vowel.

4. You pronounce vowels by blowing air on your vocal cords. Vowel sounds are determined by the shape and size of your mouth.

5. Stopping the breathing can result in a consonant tone. Consonant sounds are voiceless (no vibrating vocal cords), or voiced.

6. Many words have the identical spelling but different pronunciation.

7. Some words may have different pronunciations, but the spelling is identical.

8. Different pronunciations can be classified into: (1) accents, (2) individual words (i.e. phoneme distribution) in a dictionary.

9. Avoid focusing on the pronunciation of each word. Don’t focus on pronouncing each word.

Final Conclusions

The correct pronunciation of English is not difficult. You should choose one of the two pronunciation models (American and British), use dictionaries that explain proper pronunciation, learn from good English speakers. Pay attention to your pronunciation.

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